"BeBOTS" Stands For
"Beyond Building On The Spectrum"

“BeBOTS” stands for “Beyond Building On The Spectrum” – it conceptualises the vision of its founders to assist and elevate individuals with Autism to grow into independent, wholehearted and true people.

Autism is known as a “spectrum” condition because there is a wide variety in the type and severity of challenges people experience. At BeBOTS, we celebrate our young adults to build on that spectrum.

With our BeBOTS Hub, a purposed-designed premises, we have a location to create a safe environment for our members. This will allow us to nurture them while focusing on enhancing and enabling their skills. Our aim will be to see these special individuals achieve a better life experience.

Meanwhile, we guide and empower our special needs young adults to jump across the unknown chasm between their schooldays and their potential working life.

Our young adults will be known as the BOTSquad. Here at BeBOTS begins their journey…

Our BeBOTS Ethos

“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.”
~ Temple Grandin

BeBOTS’ Ethos & Mission Statement

As an organization, BeBOTS will embark on its best endeavor to:

  • Focus on skills and not deficits;
  • Use autism traits and existing skills to the benefit of the individual;
  • Adapt the individual with autism to environment and society;
  • Consistently attempt to reduce stress;
  • Improve the individual’s quality of life.

BeBOTS understands that emotional wellbeing is very personal and appreciates that:

  • An individual on the spectrum should not be forced into neurotypical concepts of happiness;
  • An individual on the spectrum should also not be forced into stereotyped ideas about autism.

The BeBOTS Hub


Members:  Our Special Needs Young Adults will be known as BeBOTS   Squad / “BOTSquad” / Squad Members

BOTSquad Lounge:  BeBOTS HangOut – Our Squad Members’ safe space

Kitchen:  BeBOTS Kitchen

Activity Room:  BeBOTS Activity

Office:  BeBOTS Office

MicroGreens Area:  BeBOTS Green


BeBOTS was founded by us, as parents, passionate to help young autistic individuals continually build on the spectrum. With first-hand experiences, we saw a huge need to support these special folks – our Squad Members – navigate from school to working life.  We created an environment where our Squad Members undergo professional coaching and training in soft job skills, character building and on-the-job training; focused towards creating autistically happy and independent people in community.

Patrina & Jo-Anne

Trainers' Profiles

At the heart of all our BeBOTS Programs are our highly motivated and skilled trainers.
We have assembled this “Dream Team” with our ethos in mind – a focus on skills and enhancing our members’ experience with us.

Clinical Consultant

Indra Sellappan

Indra works with BeBOTS as our external Clinical Consultant. She holds a Masters in Rehabilitation Psychology on top of her Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of Nottingham. Indra has extensive experience in working with children and young adults with special needs. She has been trained in designing behavioural programs in all areas of development, education, and behaviour. In addition to providing therapy, Indra also trains staff / therapists and oversees the implementation of the programs. Indra conducts regular workshops for parents and teachers on topics such as challenging behaviours and managing students with learning and developmental difficulties

Special Needs Counsellor

Valerie Lee

Valerie is our in-house Special Needs Counsellor. She graduated from HELP University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology (Hons) and has much experiences in the educational field. She will act as the primary support person for the Squad and Trainers. In addition, Valerie will also be conducting interactive activities regularly to encourage social skills development and at the same time ensuring the Squad members’ well-being within the hub.

Fitness & Wellness

Robin Cheah

Robin is a Certified Fitness Trainer and been working as a freelance trainer for 4 years. He has conducted sessions for clients from different fields and backgrounds as well as group classes. Energetic and enthusiastic in nature, Robin is an excellent fit to train our Squad members towards cultivating a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Functional Maths

Min Yen Tan

Min Yen is a math tutor with a degree in Psychology and foundation in Art Therapy and over 5 years of teaching experience. She has worked with students of different ages and abilities. Experienced in planning lessons that fit to each learner’s ability, Min Yen is passionate about engaging with the student and preparing them for a smooth transition from school to the workforce.

Arts & Crafts

Moon Ong

Moon, an innovative art teacher with 20 years of teaching experience is able to accommodate various learning styles. She will create a dynamic curriculum focused on independent thinking, self-expression and creativity. She believes in constant encouragement to build the students' confidence to be creative. She has a strong desire to continuously motivate and inspire students.

Culinary Arts

Bernice Tan

Bernice is a professional chef for the last 24 years. She has spent around 15 years working abroad, indulging in her passion for cooking. She has worked with young interns in the chain hotels and cruise lines. Bernice has developed a programme whereby cooking will be a continuous learning experience enhanced with the knowledge of nutrition, hygiene and safety.

Functional Literacy

Lauren Tan-Shahrul

Lauren is an enthusiastic advocate for literacy, inclusion and neurodiversity. She will be our trainer for Functional Literacy. Lauren is currently pursuing the Advanced Certification in Special Education from Pusat Latihan Asia Pasifik/CAE Malaysia. She is committed to raising the bar for young adults with special needs to equip them with the necessary functional literacy skills to thrive in their independent adult life. 

Our Hub